<![CDATA[susanvanbrackle.com - SVB Blogazine]]>Thu, 08 Feb 2018 19:41:10 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Top 5 Hottest looks of the 2018 SAG Awards]]>Mon, 22 Jan 2018 23:34:05 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/top-5-hottest-looks-of-the-2018-sag-awards Don't you just love awards season?  Well I certainly do.  And, the designer hits have been coming like a barrage, one after the other.  The makeup, hairdo's, fashions and of course the festivities should continue right up until the Oscars on March 4, 2018. Most recently the 24th Annual Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards was hosted by actress Kristen Bell.

#1 Yara Shahidi in Ralph Lauren

To quote this young show stopper, "Why not be a little extra,"? brought classic chic to the red carpet in a black Ralph Lauren jumpsuit.  This actress, model and activist is well on her way having just earned her own show called 'Grown'ish', which is a spin off of 'Black'ish'.

#2 Margo Robbie in Miu Miu 

Ms. Robbie wowed crowds at the SAG Awards in a pale pink Miu Miu halter neck gown with old-glamour feather details.  

#3 Allison Janney in Yanina Couture

#3 Allison Janney won big at the SAG Awards in this slick-as-ice full length silver sequined gown by Yanina Couture. 

#4 Reese Witherspoon wears Zac Posen

'Big Little Lies' star Reese Witherspoon slays in emerald green Zac Posen off the shoulder gown paired with Gismondi 1754 emerald drop earrings.  Yes, they're real.

#5 - Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph & Russo

JANUARY 21 - ​Arrival at 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
LOS ANGELES, CA. Ms. Ross is a vision wearing white on white, Ralph & Russo and 'kiss me' red lips.  Love her daring.

<![CDATA[White after Labor Day: Fashion Trend of the Moment]]>Sat, 09 Sep 2017 00:09:25 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/white-after-labor-day-fashion-trend-of-the-moment
Many designers like ATP Atelier and others are showing fierce fashions in pure white or with pure white accents for the fall 2017 season.  If you are a stickler for tradition, wearing white after Labor Day may be difficult for you to do.  Historically, the color white is worn after Memorial Day, which is the unofficial start of summer in the states, until Labor Day which marks the unofficial end.  
Chanel Fall Winter 2017 WomenswearPhoto credit: Imaxtree.com
There has been a bit of latitude dependent upon where individuals live regionally in the country. Warmer weather in southern states finds that consumers as a rule wear white year round however, northerners with noticeable seasonal changes somewhat adhere to putting white clothing away at the end of summer. Noticeably, younger northerners embrace the look post Labor Day without reservation or hesitation.
Akris Fall Winter 2017 Womenswear. Photo credit: Imaxtree.com
For fall/winter, wearing white after Labor Day looks best when paired with classic neutrals like black, grey, navy, taupe and white are designed in beefy fabrications like gabardine, faille, twill and transitional rayon. 
Giambattista Valli Fall Winter 2017 Womenswear. Photo credit: Imaxtree.com
 Here are a few subtle ways to inject a little bright white into an otherwise color rich season. Feel free to post your best White After Labor Day look.
<![CDATA[Balenciaga's Monochromatic Leg for NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017]]>Fri, 08 Sep 2017 02:44:09 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/balenciagas-monochromatic-leg-for-fallwinter-2017​It’s the march of the monochromatic legs at the house of Balenciaga for Fall 2017.  The art of dressing monochromatically generally involves wearing a single hue from head to toe, which depending on the color can either appear a tad overwhelming or right on the mark.  Safe color bets that usually come to mind to achieve the look are black, grey, navy and wine.  However, it is the brilliance of Balenciaga’s cohesive Knife Over-The-Knee-Boots that make a contiguous leg/shoe color statement in their 2017 fall/winter fashion collection. 
Balenciaga's pop of color boots add pizzazz go any fall wardrobe

​That’s because the vivid hues of Balenciaga’s extreme pointed toe spandex high boots are limited only to the bottom half of the body, which delivers strong but balanced emphasis and the appearance of longer legs.  
The boots come in shocking brights as well as chic neutrals.  Either way I have a feeling the Knife Over Knee Boots will be wildly popular this season.  ​
<![CDATA[Red Lipstick for Daytime: Workplace do or don’t?]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 04:54:36 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/red-lipstick-for-daytime-workplace-do-or-dont

Red Lipstick for Daytime: Workplace do or don’t?

A recent Glamour.com article explored the power of red lipstick for everyday wear and not just for holiday affairs.  Results from a survey that was originally posted on Twitter by Aliza Licht, author of the career guide Leave Your Mark, suggests that wearing red lipstick for day is now deemed a career “DO” according to the Glamour.com article.

Wearing the color red generally packs a lot of punch to any wardrobe however, wearing red lipstick to the office may have the ability to kick-start one’s career so confirms feedback from the sample of approximately 460 followers that Aliza researched online.  That’s because perception about wearing the color red is that it “exudes confidence” and, makes a bold and memorable “statement”.

Licht’s survey is not the first to study the impact of wearing red lipstick as a color statement.  Of those studies performed previously, opinions about the fiery hue were likened to a “self esteem boost” and that can make one feel “bold and empowered”. Findings from similar lipstick surveys also made the connection between youth and the acceptability of wearing red lipstick for daytime.

While the times may be a changing, attitudes in the world of Human Resources haven’t changed but so much.  Lipstick is recommended over gloss when preparing for an interview however; red lipstick is still considered a no-no as is fragrance.  Why?  The power of overt sight and scent can bring about undue attention to the wearer.  The last thing a woman needs during an interview.

Conversely, growing acceptance of wearing red lipstick during the daytime may be strongly connected to one’s work environment.  Why? Employers hiring professionals for the fashion, cosmetics or communications industries probably would not give a rouge mouth a second glance thinking instead that the look is trend-right, chic and confident versus talent agents sourcing hires for the medical, legal or education fields.

From first hand experience, not only did I wear a red blazer and matching red lipstick to a interview years ago, I nailed the job which eventually launched a long career in the fashion industry.

<![CDATA[Review: Best online beauty tool for creating Smokey Eyes]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 03:23:04 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/review-best-online-beauty-tool-for-creating-smokey-eyesReview: Best online beauty tool for creating Smoky Eyes

Creating "smoky eyes" has never been easier thanks to the creatives at L'Oreal Paris.  Believe it or not, the above image was developed right on my desktop computer.  L'Oreal has developed a web solution that is designed to encourage viewers to experiment with shades from their Colour Riche La Palette Nude Intense and La Palette Nude eyeshadows.  

Users simply answer a few questions about eye color and skin tone for use as a foundation.  The web feature allows visitors to experiment with up to four shades from L'Oreal's two new palettes.  Then voila!  Smoky eyes are created without the mess.  Guests can play as much as they want on the web solution until they achieve just the right combination of shades for day or evening looks. 

From a beauty standpoint, rule of thumb for creating the quintessential smoky eye involves rich colors on the lid, bottom rim and crease.  For a dynamic lid look, add a mid-toned color from half the lid to the inner eye or go full-on deep for evening.  Finish with a lighter color on the brow bone.  Remember, shadow brushes with shorter hair will apply powder more intensely while longer hair shadow fluff brushes distribute shades in a softer manner.  Use the proper tool for the look you want.

What I love most about L'Oreal's application tool is that it is comprehensive to use.  If you don't like your preliminary creation, just "undo" and begin again.  On the other hand, if you do like the color combos you've created, save them for future reference.  Overall, this web solution is a time saver so that once you purchase the palette, you will know exactly which shades to go where.  Bravo L'Oreal for creating the best online tool for creating smoky eyes. 

<![CDATA[Top 5 Must-Have Wearable Tech Designs]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 03:22:53 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/top-5-must-have-wearable-tech-designsTop 5 Must-Have Wearable Tech Designs
Wearable tech designs are becoming more sleek, chic and sophisticated everyday.  Most of these stylish devices perform double duty posing as innocent garments or accessories with a purpose.  Sometimes these tech items can make the wardrobe or accessories you already have look totally gorgeous.  That's all. For gifts that keep on giving, you can’t go wrong with fashionable tech designs that are fun, useful and smart.

Here are my top 5 picks of must-have fashion tech designs:

If you hate getting tangled up in cell phone head set wires then devices like the LG Bluetooth wireless headset is for you. These head phones look more like an intergalactic, space-aged necklace that you wear around your neck but in fact, users can make phone calls and stream music via Spotify, Pandora or playlists that exist on the cell phone itself.  And, the sound quality is superb. We have stage and screen actress, Hedy Lamarr, to thank for creating the early codes for technology that is now used in wireless Bluetooth devices today.


Have a habit of misplacing things like keys, a wallet or even the remote control?  Then perhaps a few "Tiles" would help.  Tile (Gen2) item finders look like unassuming little plastic chips however, they double as miniature tracking devices that can be embedded or attached to items like luggage in the event that it gets lost or stolen.    No larger than the size of a 1" x 1" square, tiles are also powered by wireless Bluetooth technology.  They are sold in a packs of 4 and can help to recover items by sound ping, map or receiving an alert by phone ringback.  Pretty cool!


Activity bands aren't just for measuring steps anymore.  Users can also measure overall fitness by gauging sleep pattern, caloric intake and other behavioral habits.  What used to look like just a thick rubber band on the wrist has been transformed into an uber trendy bangle by Jawbone UP3.  Fitness tracker bands should not be submerged in water but they are at least "splash proof".   The Jawbone3 is even on Oprah's Nice List as one her "Favorite Things for 2015".


Leave it to Marc Jacobs to come up with a line of hip metallic cell phone cases in ombre finishes, embossed silver tones and rose gold foil that make your phone look like delicate bars of precious metal.  Be forewarned, while these stunningly shiny cases look absolutely gorgeous, they are not for the clumsy so handle with care.  This way you can enjoy your heavy metals for awhile to come.   


No wardrobe would be complete without a pair of fashionable tech gloves.  Who wants to get frost bitten fingers just to answer or make a call?  Tech gloves like those sold by Isotoner SmarTouch Thinsulate Gloves and Ugg's Smart Gloves have unique technology that allows wearers to swipe phone screens, dial and press letters as if no glove was being worn at all. I don't know how they do it.  I've used tech gloves since last year and am totally hooked.  If you've not been naughty but nice, ask Santa to get you a pair of tech gloves if you get nothing else this year.

Susan Van Brackle
<![CDATA[Emerald Green: This Season's Must-Have Color of the Moment]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 04:37:31 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/emerald-green-this-seasons-must-have-color-of-the-momentEmerald Green: This Season's Must-Have Color of the Moment
 'Tis the season and boutiques up and down Fashion Avenue in New York City are seeing green for the holidays.  Not just any green but a rich, deep emerald green.  The color is offered in shades ranging from iridescent teal/green sequins to shimmy shaking jewel toned fringe, glittery emerald and black lurex knits and of course ruffled silks.  Add to this open work gold metal evening bags with black accents and any type of high-heeled pump in black leather or suede.  

Emerald green is a holdover from the Spring/Summer 2015 color palette.  Chain stores like H&M and New York & Co. are heavily invested in the emerald way and have displayed a number of styles, store imaging and shopping bags that espouse the theme.  The Items featured in this set above are from the H&M holiday collection.  Enjoy!

Susan Van Brackle
<![CDATA[Saks 5th Avenue launches Empire Line at Flagship store]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 03:13:46 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/empire-season-2Saks Fifth Avenue launches luxe Empire line at Flagship stores
It's all about haute fashions and an even hotter storyline in season 2 of Fox television's #Empire.  To add to the excitement, Saks Fifth Avenue recently launched a luxe line of clothing styled and curated around the images of the characters in the program.  

Lead actress Taraji P. Henson, aka Cookie Lyon, portrays the feisty matriarch and marketing genius of the show while Hustle and Flow's Terrence Howard plays Lucious Lyon, the success-obsessed patriarch of three talented sons, ex-husband to volatile Cookie Lyons and the head of this musically stylish family business.  

Spokesmen from Saks Fifth Avenue describe the line as a "family-inspired" designer collection however, the fashions are anythiing but demure. Flagship stores in New York and Beverly Hills will promote the line via display windows bearing the new #Empire Collection from September 10 through October 7.  Take a peek by clicking here.

<![CDATA[Farewell to New York Fashion Week ]]>Sun, 20 Sep 2015 04:10:14 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/farewell-to-new-york-fashion-weekTrends for Spring 
Summer 2016
PictureSpring Summer 2016 Designers
Since New York Fashion Week spring summer 2016 has officially come to an end, it's a great time to reflect on the trends the collections had to offer.

Color, Color, Color
Get your pretty on because spring summer 2016 is all about color.  Just ask designers for Vivienne Westwood, Boss Women or House of Holland.  These creatives flooded the runway with pop brights, cotton candy hues and spurts of primary colors.  For example, while taking in the Tarek Sinno Couture Collection at the Art Hearts Fashion Show, the runway literally became awash in a rainbow of ball gowns.

Prints, Patterns and Embellishments

Jean-Pierre Braganza
Gregorio Sanchez
Vivienne Westwood Red
Patterns are the name of the game ranging from explosive tie-dyes, gypsy prints, fearless geometrics as featured by creators Jean-Pierre Braganza, Sandra Rhodes and wunderkind Marc Jacobs.  

My new designer crush is Gregorio Sanchez of Mexico.  This talented mastermind merged brights with stark harlequin geometrics and crewel embroideries.  This triple dose of bold design mediums was feminine, daring and absolutely wearable in my opinion.  Kudos to you Mr. Sanchez!  Job well done.

Chic, Classic, Cool

Victoria Beckham
Ralph Lauren
In all things there must be balance. That’s where fashion mavens Ralph Lauren, DKNY and Victoria Beckham come in.  White and or black interspersed with textured neutrals or clean pops of color give these lines a fresh kick.  Bravo!

Beauty buzz

I loved the slicked back braided pony tails that I saw galloping down the aisle.  The pony was divided into about four sections then each section was braided and gathered at the end.  Tres chic.

The bold red mouth was well represented at the Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa and Gareth Pugh  collections while subtle or no lip color was a mainstay at Versus, Eudon Choi and Calvin Klein.  Shout out to CK.  Good to see you back!

<![CDATA[Star of hit TV show, The Haves and Have Nots, does NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016]]>Tue, 15 Sep 2015 03:39:19 GMThttp://susanvanbrackle.com/svb-blogazine/tv-star-angela-robinson-does-ny-fashion-week-springsummer-2016Star of hit TV show The Haves and Have Nots visits NYC for Fashion Week

Guess who I bumped into outside of Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall during Sunday’s Art Heart runway presentations for NY Fashion Week?  None other than the amazing Angela Robinson, star of OWN television’s nighttime drama series The Haves and the Have Nots.  

Fans know Angela Robinson for the devilishly manipulative role she plays as Veronica Harrington; a high powered Savannah, Georgia attorney with a dark and shady past.  Don't you just love it?  Ms. Robinson comes to this role as a seasoned performer with a list of credits for her work on stage, screen and film.  Many may remember this award winning actress for her Broadway performance as Shug Avery in the play The Color Purple.  She’s also had prior movie roles and has appeared in the long running hit television show Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

While I waited to gain access into the collections at Vanderbilt Hall, I was gabbing on the phone when suddenly this statuesque beauty appeared in front of me with two escorts.  Since it is Fashion Week, I have to talk about the clothes. She wore a stunning floor length, short sleeved pumpkin spice jersey knit wrap dress, auburn streaked hair with wispy bangs and a pop of cinnamon lip gloss.  I instantly dropped my call (translation: hung up the phone immediately), then gently approached her for a selfie request and a photo.  After all, she plays Veronica - right?  I can tell you now folks, Angela Robinson is nothing like the character “Veronica” she plays on “The Haves and the Have Nots”.  Not that I thought she ever would be.  She graciously indulged me in conversation, humor and most importantly her time.  And, she looked fabulous doing it!   But of course, it’s New York Fashion Week!  #NYFW.